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Five FREE Small Business (Money Making) Ideas for Students

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Posted By A2Z Yellow Pages and Info Services on 06-06-2017
Five FREE Small Business (Money Making) Ideas for Students

Five (5) FREE Small Business Money Making Ideas for Students & Freelancers

  • Educational Assistance (Tuition)

It doesn’t take a genius to start assisting other students in their studies, just repeat the books you’ve studied in junior school and teach that to kids, or even at senior level if you’re good at a topic. 

Requirements: Be serious around your fellows and neighbours as that’s the required attitude. You must be trustworthy.

Investment: Nothing much!! Make a few lecture videos and put them on Facebook and YouTube for reference.

A2Z | Yellow Pages Pakistan Tip: I know you’re thinking how would you ask your classmates or relatives for money, if it sounds awkward to ask for money, so be a step ahead, announce that you will teach anyone with a certain subject or topic for just 100 rupees, lol and they will make their mind to pay you before actually asking you for assistance.

  • Food Delivery Service

You need to set up a food menu that’s healthy and liked by many, the next step is to find locations or areas with several offices or hostels to satisfy the demand you can supply food and earn on daily basis. 

Requirements: You need make food that doesn’t kill humans, LOL and yeah it needs to be tasty for sure!! Healthy food is a plus.

Investment: Nothing much, once you have the menu decided, you can some amount of the basic items like rice, spices, greens and anything that will be regularly used in your menu. Later you can buy items as per the orders you receive.

A2Z | Yellow Pages Pakistan Tip: In rural areas can hit the construction sites but on pre-order basis and other small family functions or religious gatherings. 

  • Fitness and Diet Assistance

As a nation, we are facing obesity and the problems associated to it. Many are getting fat or confused what diet and workout routine to follow. Start advising people eventually you’ll get followers and likes and then you can deal on monthly or diet plan basis.

Requirements: Study is key and once you think your knowledge data base is good enough you can practice it yourself to see the most practical results that can help you a lot with learning the art.

Investment: Not much, you can literally find everything on google from books to articles and case studies, plus it’s also important to meet some physical trainers and doctors in your family or friend’s circle.

A2Z | Yellow Pages Pakistan Tip: do an extensive survey with people you know to know what are the eating or living habits that makes people fat or stops them from getting physically smart again.

  • Digital Media Marketing

It’s simple, the time you spend on Facebook watching useless videos, you can help a small business with promotion and lead generation or designing their posts and maintaining their Facebook pages or even the entire website.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of website content and web designing, internet surfing skills as much as a 10-year-old ;) 

Investment: Not much, there is a ton load of guidance articles, tools, games and books online to help you learn from a zero level of understanding to becoming a PRO level developer.

A2Z | Yellow Pages Pakistan Tip: Watch YouTube videos on “how to” and videos of other digital media marketers to get inspirations.

  • Events Management

Surprise!!! You’ve done it already at your brother wedding and oh the Eid gatherings at family, it’s time to do repeat the same just on a bigger scale. 

Requirements: Study your culture to learn the norms of the society as it tells you a lot on how to organise a certain event or occasion and google on tips and new ideas on what can be done at different occasions for weddings and family parties to official events and media campaign events.  

Investment: A Facebook page that costs nothing, and speak about it loudly in your friends and their friends circle, just meet more people every day to develop a social circle that can give your more opportunities.

A2Z | Yellow Pages Pakistan Tip: Be social and know what’s happening in people’s life around town. List down all the events or occasions that happen regularly like cultural or religious festivals.

That's all Folks; follow our weekly blog for new ideas at our website:

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Five FREE Small Business (Money Making) Ideas for Students

Five (5) FREE Small Business Money Making Ideas for Students & Freelancers Educational Assistance

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