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King Fabrics Manufacturers Exporters - Laminated Fabric - Dyed Yarn Fabrics

King Fabrics Fair Line Silk Factory Katar Band Road Street No 2 Lahore Thoker Niaz Baig Off Multan Road, Lahore 54000, Punjab Pakistan

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king fabrics (PVT) Ltd has specialized & professional production in laminated fabric, dyed yarn fabrics, leather garments, jelly, fabrics, satin, bed sheets, twill, boxer shorts, nightwear, satin fabric, twill fabric, wolli, textile fabrics, Tefta, textile garments, knitted fabric, lingerie. top exporters of fabric.

King Fabrics Manufacturers Exporters - Weaving is described as inter-lacing, usually at right perspectives, of two places of discussions to type Laminated Fabric, Dyed Yarn Fabrics, fabric, rug or other types of weaved fabrics. Today this process is mostly computerized for Jelly, Fabrics, Satin, Bed Sheets mass manufacturing. In it, two unique places of yarns known as the high and the stuffing or weft are interlaced with each other to type a fabric.

The lengthwise yarn which runs from the back to the front of the loom is known as the wrap. The crosswise yarn is the stuffing or weft. Twill, Boxer Shorts, Nightwear, Satin Fabric a loom is a device for having the high wrap threads in place while the filling threads are woven through them.

After weaving, the most prevalent method of fabric development is knitting. The yarn in knitted fabrics follows a winding direction, forming symmetrical loops or stitching, Textile Fabrics, Tefta, Textile Garments, Knitted Fabric, Lingerie. When the interlock loops run lengthwise, each row is known as a wale. A wale can be in contrast to the great in weaving. When the loops run across the fabrics, each row is known as a course. A course corresponds to the filling or weft. There are two major types of knitted fabric weft knitting. In weft sewing, one continuous yarn kinds of purposes across the fibers. In great sewing, a series of yarn kind wales in the lengthwise route of the information.

Fabric represents any Textile material created through weaving, knitting, braiding (tying) Or braiding or plaiting fiber. The word fabric has its source in the Latina phrase fabric significance a workshop. It means that which is put together like building. Fabric can be classified based on various requirements. On the basis of fibers used for manufacturing, it can be regarded as natural fabrics such as Cashmere, Pure cotton, Hemp, Jute, Linen, Ramie, silk, wool and synthetic or man-made materials like Acetate, Polymer, Chiffon, Jeans, Georgette, Lastex, Nylon Organza, Polyester, Pure cotton Fabrics, Pure cotton, Soft silk, Velvety etc. It can also be categorized on the basis of its utilization for making Outfits, Curtains, Drapery, Home Providing, Making quilts, Furniture among others.

Other than the conventional fabrics, in view of the higher demand for fabric for technological and commercial use, many specialty materials have also obtained significance. Among these are involved Rough, Aluminized, Canopy, bed sheet design, As well as, boxer shorts, satin fabric, twill fabric, dyed yarn fabrics, laminated fabric, lingerie to name a few.

At King Fabrics, we draw our inspirations from the diverse global arena and pack it under one roof, to share the fact that beauty is universal.

We constantly strive to challenge the limitations of all the possibilities when it comes to the variety of fashion lines, weaving, unstitched fabric, printing, embroidery & embellishments.

we understand that style and fashion are a vital part of your lives and so we strive to bring it to your doorstep in the easiest possible way. King Fabrics motto has always been to provide excellent quality and service.

We value commitments to Our customers highly and therefore continually strive to improve our systems and quality to meet expectations. Retaining the best people to oversee & monitor the processes that make this happen.

New developments and Inquiries are Implemented on a timely basis with multiple options regarding fabric finishes, colors, and embellishments providing choice and value for customers.

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